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Steamboat Bill Junior

1928 | 1h 17m | Action/Adventure, Comedy

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Not the best of Buster Keaton's silents, Steamboat Bill, Jr. nonetheless contains some of Keaton's best and most spectacular sight gags. Keaton plays Willie Canfield, the namby-pamby son of rough-and-tumble steamboat captain Steamboat Bill Canfield (Ernest Torrence). When he's not trying to make a man out of his boy, the captain is carrying on a feud with Tom Carter (Tom McGuire), the wealthy owner of a fancy new ferryboat. Carter has a pretty daughter, Mary King (Marion Byron), with whom Willie falls in love. The two younger folks try to patch up the feud, but this seems impossible once the c...

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Charles Reisner


Buster Keaton Tom McGuire Ernest Torrence Marion Byron Tom Lewis

Release date

20 May 1928
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