Best Films to Watch in London and Stream This Week

With UK cinemas back in business, we highlight the best of what's new, from an intoxicating movie musical to Pixar's latest gem

And we're back! After what's felt like an endless limbo, UK cinemas have finally reopened their doors. Of course, we couldn't be more pleased about the return to our happy place – a darkened theatre, surrounded by our fellow movie lovers. But we also understand that maybe everyone's not ready yet. That's why our team has you covered with all the latest releases, be it in cinemas, or streaming from the comfort of your own home…


New in Cinemas and Streaming

In the Heights

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Lights up! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acclaimed Broadway show makes the transition to the big screen with this relentlessly vibrant, kinetic, and summer-ready adaptation from Step Up and Crazy Rich Asians filmmaker Jon M. Chu (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Disney+

Pixar’s latest effort, set in an idyllic Italian coastal town at the height of summer, is a gorgeous, meticulously animated tale of friendship concerning two young boys who have a strange connection to the water.


In the Earth

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

British writer-director Ben Wheatley ditches the adaptation and returns to his roots for this disturbingly drawn horror yarn, a plainly crazy forest foray that – for better or worse – asks a lot more questions than it answers.


It Must Be Heaven

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Renowned Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman leaves his home country and hits the road in this witty comedy chronicle in which he plays a loose version of himself over a series of absurd and satirical scenes.


One in a Thousand

Where to watch it: MUBI

Filmmaker Clarisa Navas' second feature is a highly personal and affecting queer love story set against the backdrop of a poor neighbourhood in Argentina, featuring great performances and a wonderful sense of place (read our full review).


The Reason I Jump

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Inspired by the bestselling Japanese book of the same name by Naoki Higashida, this empathetic and thoughtful documentary explores the lives of young people from around the world with nonverbal autism.

Still in Cinemas and Streaming

The Father

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Anthony Hopkins gives an Oscar-winning turn as a man in the throes of dementia in writer-director Florian Zeller’s remarkable adaptation of his own stage play (read our full review).


Shiva Baby

Where to watch it: MUBI

A young woman accidentally bumps into her sugar daddy at a Jewish funeral in this hilarious, pressure cooker of a comedy starring Rachel Sennott (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Taken meets John Wick in a relentlessly brutal, bone-crunching thriller, which makes an unlikely action star of Breaking Bad funnyman Bob Odenkirk (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

The Coens’ snow-covered, neo-noir masterpiece, “based on a true story,” returns to cinemas for its 25th anniversary – you betcha!


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