Movies Coming Soon to London Cinemas

Action/Adventure movies

Get some action! All the best super-charged, action-driven adventures on the big screen in London now.

Animation/Cartoon movies

The brightest and boldest in animated entertainment screening all over London - and not just for kids either!

Biography movies

Check in on the legends of our time with these powerful biopics and life-stories, out now in London cinemas.

Bollywood movies

All the loudest and proudest Indian cinema hits, on the big screen in London right now!

Classic movies

Old-school hits and must-see oldies, back on the big screen where they belong, all over London.

Comedy movies

Have a laugh! Check out these hilarious comedies showing across London right now.

Documentary movies

The real-world stories everyone's talking about, and where they're screening in London.

Drama movies

Get dramatic with these straight-faced gems, showing all over London right now.

Family movies

Bring the fam for some big-screen fun with these kid-friendly hits, screening all over London.

Fantasy movies

Witches, dragons and all that magical stuff in-between, have a blast with these fantastical gems showing all over the city.

Historical/Period movies

Go back in time with these thoughtful epics and clever spins on the old-timey world, screening all over London.

Horror movies

Let's get freaky - all the best in super scary entertainment, hitting the big screen - and going bump in the night - all over London.

Indie movies

The must-see hidden gems on our radar, showing anywhere in London right this second!

Musical movies

Have a good ol' song and dance with these feel-good sing-along faves, screening in London now.

Romance movies

For the sappy side in all of us - get loved-up with these sometimes sweet, sometimes sultry hits screening in London.

Sci-Fi movies

Aliens are just the half of it - all the made-up sciencey fun London cinemas have to offer.

Special movies

Thriller movies

From twisted mysteries to freaky face-offs, all the nail-biters currently on the circuit in London right now.

War movies

Head straight to the frontline with these intense war-themed musts, playing all over the city.

Western movies

An old-timey favourite, saddle up for these cowboy favourites on the big screen all over London.

World movies

All the best from the rest of the world - the subtitled gems to check out all over London.