Highest Rated Movies in London Cinemas

Action/Adventure movies

Get some action! All the best super-charged, action-driven adventures on the big screen in London now.

Animation/Cartoon movies

The brightest and boldest in animated entertainment screening all over London - and not just for kids either!

Biography movies

Check in on the legends of our time with these powerful biopics and life-stories, out now in London cinemas.

Classic movies

Old-school hits and must-see oldies, back on the big screen where they belong, all over London.

Comedy movies

Have a laugh! Check out these hilarious comedies showing across London right now.

'Grease' movie poster
3.40 out of 5
3.65 out of 5
3.55 out of 5
Randal Kleiser
John Travolta Olivia Newton-John Stockard Channing Jeff Conaway Barry Pearl Michael Tucci Kelly Ward Didi Conn Jamie Donnelly Dinah Manoff

Grease movie (1978)

Documentary movies

The real-world stories everyone's talking about, and where they're screening in London.

Drama movies

Get dramatic with these straight-faced gems, showing all over London right now.

Family movies

Bring the fam for some big-screen fun with these kid-friendly hits, screening all over London.

'Hook' movie poster
2.40 out of 5
3.33 out of 5
2.80 out of 5
Steven Spielberg
Dustin Hoffman Robin Williams Julia Roberts Bob Hoskins Maggie Smith Caroline Goodall Charlie Korsmo Amber Scott Laurel Cronin Phil Collins

Hook movie (1992)

Fantasy movies

Witches, dragons and all that magical stuff in-between, have a blast with these fantastical gems showing all over the city.

Historical/Period movies

Go back in time with these thoughtful epics and clever spins on the old-timey world, screening all over London.