FrightFest: Digital Edition

FrightFest: Digital Edition

28th - 31st August 2020

This year's summer event brings the horror to your home, with a special digital version that includes a fine collection of new chillers and spooky thrillers!

Paranormal Activities

Threats from beyond the grave, occult dealings, and horrors of the supernatural kind.

Natural Born Killers

From slashers to serial killers… basically the last people you’d ever want to encounter on a dark night.

Stranger Things

About as bizarre as they come, these oddities blur the line between genres, refusing to be pigeon-holed.

Creature Features

Monsters in every form, from malevolent vampires to your classic werewolf… and even the occasional mutant.

Midnight Madness

These cerebral thrillers dive deep into our most psychological fears… but what’s real and what’s not?


Docs that hone in on horrors both in front and behind the camera.

Check the full programme at the official film festival website, and find even more info on their social media channels: