London Indian Film Festival

London Indian Film Festival

20th - 29th June 2019

Celebrating its 10th Birthday, the UK and Europe’s largest South Asian film festival showcases their richest ever assortment of entertaining and thought provoking line-up of independent films.

Special Screenings

The opening and closing galas, and any other special screenings

Bengal Tigers

Bengal has been a beating heart of Indian cinema since the silent era and continues to offer to the home and the world innovative, culturally rich and unique films.

Extra-Ordinary Lives

A selection of films that show glimpses of real life in the subcontinent and Asian diaspora, which are sometimes hard, sometimes feel good, even comic, but always compelling.

Young Rebel

A fist of films that depict young South Asians, some are joyous and laugh- out-loud while others present youth facing real-life challenges in South Asia today.

Film, Power & Politics

Four films that show different aspects of the South Asian political landscape now.

Check the full programme at the official film festival website, and find even more info on their social media channels: