We Are One: A Global Film Festival

We Are One: A Global Film Festival

May 29th - June 7th 2020

A historic film event, with contributions from film festivals all over the world, coming exclusively to YouTube.

Main Festivals

Specially curated selections from some of the world's biggest festivals, including London, Venice, Macao and San Sebastian.

Films of Many Continents

Specially curated films from festivals all around the world, from Asia to Australia.

Festivals of the Americas

Films selected by some of the most prominent festivals in North and South America, including Sundance and Tribeca.

European Selects

A few movies chosen by some of Europe's lesser-known festivals, such as Rotterdam and Berlin.

We Are One: Personal Selection

A couple of films specially plucked by the organisers of this festival

Check the full programme at the official film festival website, and find even more info on their social media channels: