Best Films to Watch in London and Stream This Week

From cinema releases to streaming gems, including Eva Green in space and a Russell Crowe road thriller about the dangers of "societal rage"

Fancy a film but can't make your mind up what to see? Look no further: we’ve assembled the best of what's showing in London, plus the latest streaming releases, and gathered them here to make choosing a great movie as easy as possible. Whatever you're in the mood for, out in the world or in the comfort of your own home, WeLoveCinema has you well and truly covered…


New Releases


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The latest in a long line of sad space movies, though made markedly different on account of its female lead, Proxima finds Eva Green's troubled astronaut preparing for a voyage to the stars. It's the new film from French writer-director and indie darling Alice Winocour, an intimate and gripping family drama about a mother and daughter whose relationship is tested by the weight of a dangerous mission.


The Vigil

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Another low-budget gem from those horror experts over at Blumhouse, The Vigil finds its spooky tale in the age old Jewish ritual of “shomer,” as unemployed Yacov agrees to watch over a dead body for a single night to honour the ancient tradition. Paving the way for a new wave of “Jewish horror,” it's an effective calling card for debut writer-director Keith Thomas, not to mention a deft examination of faith and fear.



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Russell Crowe is back on the big screen where he belongs for Unhinged, a relentless road thriller with more than a hint of Joel Schumacher's Falling Down. Here, Crowe, at his beefiest, plays a disturbed man whose immense overreaction to being honked at while driving sends him into a spiral of revenge. A meditation on societal rage, it's certainly a movie for these crazed and unpredictable times.



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Gemma Arterton plays a lonely writer with a mysterious past in this pleasant period drama, set in the years before World War II, whose feelings are stirred when a young man turns up on her doorstep unannounced. But what is her connection to a beautiful young woman, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw? Directed by Jessica Swale, Summerland serves as a handsome if not familiar diversion (read our full review).


Make Up

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A teenager becomes convinced her boyfriend is cheating on her during a Cornwall camping holiday in elusive thriller-drama Make Up. It's an atmospheric and deliciously weird debut from acclaimed short filmmaker Claire Oakley, packed with great performances, bizarro touches, and echoes of The Shining and David Lynch.


The Fight

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This documentary by Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, and Eli Despres finds its subject in the American Civil Liberties Union and the lawyers fighting the Trump administration (they've filed a whooping 147 suits since his inauguration in 2017). There's little political commentary; instead the film acts as a five-way portrait of the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to protect the rights of US citizens.


Last and First Men

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The late, great film composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, best known for his unforgettable scores for films such as Sicario, Arrival, and Mandy, directs this idiosyncratic blend of sci-fi film and documentary, set two billion years in the future at a point where humanity faces extinction. It's narrated by Tilda Swinton, who lends it her peculiar power – and of course the music, composed by Jóhannsson himself, is magnificent.


Flash Gordon: 40th Anniversary

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Flash! A-ah! Has it really been 40 years since this cult classic first hit our screens? Now the campy sci-fi adventure returns to cinemas to celebrate four decades of people wearing some really amazing outfits. Though it's best known for its Queen-penned soundtrack, Flash Gordon remains a singular experience: silly, self-aware, and packed with great songs. And it's never looked better than here thanks to a gorgeous 4K restoration.

Still in Cinemas and Streaming

Saint Frances

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The comedian and actor Kelly O'Sullivan writes and stars in a funny, life-affirming drama about a woman who befriends the six-year-old she's hired to nanny, unraveling, almost, as a series of interconnected vignettes about growing up, womanhood, and facing up to reality. O'Sullivan is masterful in the lead role; this dense and lovingly detailed film is a showcase for her talent (read our full review).


The Traitor

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Marco Bellocchio’s The Traitor is a crime saga-gangster film, written by the director himself, spanning three decades and based on the true tale of the anti-mafia Maxi trial of 1986. It's a vast and sprawling film, peppered with fantastically memorable sequences, featuring a standout turn from Pierfrancesco Favino as real life mobster turned informant Tommaso Buscetta, whose story, alternated with scenes of courtroom drama, is told in flashback.

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