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The Full Trailer for The Green Knight Is Here to Melt Your Brain

Dev Patel is a handsome yet broody knight destined to do battle with his mystical, green-faced nemesis... ah, just take our money already

There are few upcoming movies that seem quite so destined for cult classic status as The Green Knight, a medieval horror that has made a point of teasing us over the last year with a kind of agonising glee, partly due to its delay on account of the pandemic and also because of the A24 marketing. Well, now we have a second, more extensive – but no less enigmatic – trailer for David Lowrey’s upcoming flick, which stars Dev Patel as a handsome yet broody knight on a mythic quest to vanquish his green-skinned nemesis. Take a look:

This does, of course, bare the hallmarks of your classic A24 film: stark, clinical photography, things catching on fire for literally no reason, a talking fox (okay, that one’s new). Also, this new footage comes with the added pleasure of Sean Harris' uncanny voice, Barry Keoghan wielding an axe, and a glimpse of some very large people traversing the moody landscape. Now, all we ask is that this is actually the masterpiece it appears to be. Thank you.

The Green Knight is scheduled for release in UK cinemas on 6 August.

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