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The Room

2003 | 1h 31m | Drama, Romance, Comedy, Indie

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Johnny is a successful banker who lives happily in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancée, Lisa, before their lives begin to unravel

This film centers on Johnny, a man who has it all; great friends, a good job, and a gorgeous fiancée named Lisa. But Lisa's innocent act masks the fact that she's looking to bring Johnny down, and her manipulations are tearing Johnny apart. As Lisa bends the truth and informs her cancer-ridden mother that Johnny hit her, Johnny's best friend finds his resistance to Lisa's seductive charms weakening. Meanwhile, local orphan Denny looks up to Johnny, and n...

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Tommy Wiseau


Tommy Wiseau Juliette Danielle Greg Sestero Philip Haldiman Carolyn Minnott Robyn Paris Mike Holmes Kyle Vogt Greg Ellery Dan Janjigian

Release date

27 Jun 2003
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