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You Can Count On Me

2001 | 1h 49m | Drama

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Two siblings, orphaned at an early age, have grown apart as adults. Sammy, the older of the two, has stayed in the small town of their childhood. A single mother, she works in the local bank and leads a steadfast moral life with her young son. Terry, her younger brother whom she helped raise, has become a self-destructive roamer with a taste for the wilder side of life. When Terry comes for a visit, his mere presence begins to crack the veneer of Sammy's well-ordered existence. Each is uneasy with the person the other one has become; the one tangible thing that keeps them together is the famil...

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'You Can Count On Me' Movie details


Kenneth Lonergan


Laura Linney Mark Ruffalo Matthew Broderick Jon Tenney Rory Culkin

UK release date

23 Mar 2001
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