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35 Shots of Rum (35 rhums)

2009 | 1h 40m | Drama

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87 Our Rating / 100
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Set among a small circle of friends and neighbors in a Parisian suburb, "35 Shots of Rum" is a warm, funny and enchanting film from the great French filmmaker Claire Denis. Lionel, a metro conductor, lives with his beautiful university student daughter Josephine in a bustling apartment complex. They have been sharing the same space for many years and have grown accustomed to one another's company. Lately, Josephine has been spending time with Noé, a handsome young neighbor, while Lionel is finding himself drawn into a romance with close friend Gabrielle. As their lives are pulled in differen...

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Claire Denis


Grégoire Colin Alex Descas Mati Diop Nicole Dogue Eriq Ebouaney Jean-Christophe Folly

UK release date

10 Jul 2009
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