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Po prostu przyjazn

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A bitter-sweet comedy following the stories of a few friends whose friendships will be put to a test

Two friends win a huge prize, but how will they share it? A single businesswoman asks her friend to be the father of her child. A respected professor refuses to perjure himself to help his friend, but behind his back engages in a far-fetched venture. A group of friends go on an annual hiking trip and discover a secret that will change their lives forever. What will they choose? Loyalty or money? Friendship or love? Truth or lie? Their own or someone else’s happiness? Whatever the choice, w...

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Po prostu przyjazn showtimes in London

Due to the on-going Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the UK government have instructed cinemas to close their doors and strongly advise against all non-essential contact at this time.

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'Po prostu przyjazn' Movie details


Filip Zylber


Przemyslaw Bluszcz Sonia Bohosiewicz Katarzyna Dabrowska Grzegorz Damiecki Aleksandra Domanska

UK release date

06 Jan 2017
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