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About Bugs and Heroes

2018 | 1h 30m | World, Drama

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In a world full of fear, where love is slowly drifting away and becoming something unreachable, we come across unfortunate people, such as Rasha and his demanding sick father. Living on the edge of existence during pre-apocalyptic time, he becomes a guard of an old hotel, and stumbles upon strange characters with whom he shares misfortune. He meets Hero, stuck in past, when he lost his wife and son, he meets an orphan boy, who helps a Hero make a movie so he can remember what happened. Rasha also meets boys girlfriend when they escape the orphanage, but most of all, Rasha meets a girl, that he...

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'About Bugs and Heroes' Movie details


Petar Pasic


Slobodan 'Boda' Ninkovic Bojan Dimitrijevic Zoran Cvijanovic

Release date

01 Oct 2018
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