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Love At Least

2018 | 1h 49m | Romance, World

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Yasuko is one very unusual young woman. Aside from a sleep disorder that dominates her days, she also suffers from severe manic depression that sees her shrieking, snarling, and spitting out insults. Her reclusive lifestyle is facilitated by her boyfriend Tsunaki, who seems happy enough to roll with her (mercifully figurative) punches. But will their relationship survive the arrival of his ex-lover? The emotions displayed in LOVE AT LEAST might seem extreme to the uninitiated, but fans of Japanese cinema will recognise certain tropes. One of Tsunaki’s colleagues says she always wanted to wor...

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'Love At Least' Movie details


Kôsai Sekine


Shizuka Ishibashi Yutaka Matsushige Riisa Naka

Release date

02 Oct 2018
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