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Matsuchiyo - Life of a Geisha

2018 | 1h 9m | Documentary, Biography

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Geisha are among the most recognisable cultural symbols of Japan, and yet Western understanding of what they do is still very limited. Few are better placed to tell an audience than Matsuchiyo, a geisha for six decades who has no intention of retiring any time soon. Matsuchiyo tells her story in her own words, from a wartime childhood to the present-day, discussing how both she and the profession have changed in that time. The documentary is directed by her son, Ken Nishikawa, who returns to Raindance after presenting his debut feature, GHOSTROADS: A JAPANESE ROCK ā€˜Nā€™ ROLL GHOST STORY, at ...

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Ken Nishikawa


Ken Nishikawa Sheena Rogers Mike 'in Tokyo' Rogers

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03 Oct 2018
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