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In Paris, author Léonard Spiegel writes a novel that blurs the line between fact and fiction. The book sends shockwaves through the professional and personal lives of not only Spielgel, but those of his wife, his editor, and his editor's wife and mistress.

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What we think

Assayas isn’t rallying against a more technology-driven, disposable future as much as he seems to be coming to terms with it – albeit in his own, idiosyncratic way.
★★★★☆ | Read in full: Non-Fiction (Doubles Vies) movie review Tom Barnard We Love Cinema

What others think

[The film is] fizzy and light, loaded with zingers and also overflowing with a palpable air of melancholy at the slow but steady demise of glorious tactile media.
David Jenkins Little White Lies
Non-Fiction is a portrait of the present at once attuned to the zeitgeist and dated, a contradiction that often inhibits the film’s narrative momentum and ends up restricting the scope and impact of its critique.
Giovanni Marchini Camia Sight & Sound
This is the talkiest and least traditionally “cinematic” of Assayas’ films, and therefore might also seem to be the most disposable, but its apparent ephemerality is often used to underline the staying power of the cinema itself.
David Ehrlich IndieWire

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18 Oct 2019