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2 Band Radio

2019 | 1h 32m | Comedy

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Radio is a common device in our lives but there was a time when radio used to be a new word for world. The story is set in early 70’s in rural village of Kashmir buying a radio and getting its license was a tedious process and people had never seen a radio. Hamid a local shopkeeper was not aware that his luck shall land a radio in his house and he gets a radio by fluke. This becomes news in the area, the village head calls him and acquires a radio from him against a piece of land. Waseem, another villager has been a rival of Hamid’s and he also goes to see the radio in the village head’s...

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'2 Band Radio' Movie details


Saki Singh


Pradhuman Singh Neelu Dogra Rahat Kazmi

Release date

06 Apr 2019
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