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Of Sheep And Men

2019 | 1h 18m | Documentary

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Algiers, Bab el Oued, 2016. 16-year-old Habib dreams of becoming a veterinary. But as he didn't study, he decided to train a ram named 'El Bouq' to become a sheep fight champion. Samir, 42, doesn't have dreams anymore, other than surviving the hardships of his daily life by selling sheep and try to make some money. As the Eid celebration approaches, Samir has the unique opportunity to maximize his profits, as the whole country will buy a sheep to be slaughtered. But for Habib, it's another story. Will 'El Bouq ยป become a champion? Or will he face a more tragic destiny?

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'Of Sheep And Men' Movie details


Karim Sayad

Release date

05 Jul 2019
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