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Sophie and her girlfriend Bee travel to a remote family mansion ahead of a hurricane to meet Sophie's coterie of rich twentysomething friends. As the alcohol and drugs flow, the group decides to play a game of Bodies Bodies Bodies. Tensions between revellers explode in the darkened house and one member of the hedonistic party plays the murder victim for real.

★★★☆☆ | Read our full Bodies Bodies Bodies review
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What we think

An uneven film that is sometimes thrilling but just as frequently insufferable.
★★★☆☆ | Read in full: Bodies Bodies Bodies film review Jack Blackwell We Love Cinema

What others think

The game is a fun one, but you might feel a little cheated once it’s over.
Benjamin Lee The Guardian
eijn and DeLappe aim for a hyper-current Gen Z tone – which does mean the film is likely to age as well as milk.
Hannah Strong Little White Lies
Here, everybody is annoying and nobody makes good decisions, which is what makes the violent chain of events unleashed upon these awful people just so damn fun to watch.
Ella Kemp Empire

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UK release date

09 Sep 2022