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Western Ukraine, on the eve of a traditional carnival. Pamfir returns to his family after months of absence. Their love is so unconditional that when his only child starts a fire in the prayer house, Pamfir has no other choice but to reconnect with his troubled past to repair his son’s fault. He will be taken on a risky path with irreversible consequences.

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First-time director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk and his cinematographer Nikita Kuzmenko certainly have a lot of plates to spin here, but they manage to craft a film that avoids all the standard pitfalls of its showiness.
★★★★☆ | Read in full: Pamfir film review Fedor Tot We Love Cinema

What others think

Savagely cinematic, charged with feral energy and exploring a story that dances between muddy realism and a mythic, quasi-magical abandon.
Wendy Ide The Guardian
The announcement of an exciting new directorial talent.
David Jenkins Little White Lies
In earthbound terms, Pamfir is essentially a rural gangster movie.
Jonathan Romney Sight & Sound

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UK release date

05 May 2023