Best Films to Watch in London and Stream This Week

With UK cinemas now open for business, we highlight the best of what's new, from a long-awaited horror sequel to a pig-based doc

And we're back! After what's felt like an endless wait, UK cinemas have finally reopened their doors. Of course, we couldn't be happier about the return to our happy place – a darkened theatre, surrounded by our fellow movie lovers. But we also understand that maybe everyone's not ready yet. That's why WeLoveCinema has you covered with all the latest releases, be it in cinemas, or streaming from the comfort of your own home…


New in Cinemas

A Quiet Place Part II

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Sshh! Writer-director John Krasinski returns with the follow-up to his acclaimed horror, as the remaining Abbotts continue their fight for survival in a silent world (read our full review).


After Love

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This quiet drama sees Joanna Scanlan give a career best performance as a grieving widow whom learns that her husband was leading a secret life.


Dream Horse

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Toni Collette stars as a Welsh barmaid who becomes an unlikely horse racing champion in this affable film based on a true story – cheesy, but in the best possible way.



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Russian director Victor Kossakovsky’s completely wordless – but utterly gripping – documentary about the life of a sow and her piglet makes for a truly unique experience.


The Killing of Two Lovers

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A man finds his life spiralling out of control after he splits from his wife in this stark and gripping thriller-drama from debut filmmaker Robert Machoian.

Still in Cinemas…

First Cow

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Kelly Reichardt delivers another brilliantly subversive tale of the Old West, this time centered around the exploits of an “oily cake” business in 1820s Oregon (read our full review).



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Emma Stone stars in a bold and wickedly entertaining reimagining of the 101 Dalmatians villain’s origin, set against the backdrop of 1970s London (read our full review).


The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

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Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are back as paranormal investigators Warrens for the third installment of the spooky and inventive horror franchise (read our full review).


What's Streaming…

Dinner in America

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A punk rocker and his biggest fan embark on the great American road trip in an eccentrically original rom-com powered by great chemistry.


The 8th

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This essential documentary hones in on the 2018 Irish abortion referendum, charting the cause’s turbulent history alongside the seismic moment itself (read our full review).

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