Best Films to Watch in London and Stream This Week

From a class warfare classic restored in 4K to a fresh spin on the pregnancy comedy, here's what to watch this weekend...

UK cinemas have reopened their doors and here at WLC we couldn't be more pleased about the return to our happy place – a darkened theatre, surrounded by our fellow movie lovers! But we also understand that maybe everyone's not ready yet. That's why our team has you covered with all the latest releases, be it in cinemas, or streaming from the comfort of your own home…


New in Cinemas and Streaming

The Servant

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Dirk Bogarde and James Fox co-star in Joseph Losey’s brilliantly potent 1963 class warfare classic, now restored in glorious 4K (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes or watch it on Curzon Home Video

Yngvild Sve Flikke’s very funny unplanned pregnancy comedy spins a familiar idea into something quietly groundbreaking (read our full review). 


Wife of a Spy

Where to watch it: MUBI

A woman begins to suspect her husband is working for the Americans in this 1940s-set period melodrama from Kiyoshi Kurosawa (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

James Wan returns to the realms of horror with this unpredictable nightmare about a woman paralysed by dreams of grisy murder.


The Voyeurs

Where to watch it: Prime Video

A young couple find their lives spiralling out of control when they begin to spy on their neighbours in this sexy, contemporary riff on Rear Window.



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Gerard Butler stars in Joe Carnahan’s claustrophobic B-movie about a small-town police station that becomes an explosive battleground.


The Lost Leonardo

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This fascinating documentary tells the story of the Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting ever sold, with the fervent energy of a heist flick.

Still in Cinemas and Streaming


Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Leos Carax and Sparks' ambitious musical meditation on love and art is as brilliantly beguiling as it is deeply maddening (read our full review).


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Simu Liu stars as the martial arts superhero in this fun and expertly choreographed entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (read our full review).



Where to watch it: Get London showtimes

Nika McGuigan and Nora-Jane Noone are siblings facing up to their mother’s dark past in Cathy Brady's captivating debut feature (read our full review).

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