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The Good Liar

2019 | 1h 49m | Drama, Thriller, Romance

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After meeting her online, a seasoned con artist sets his sights on an affluent widow, whose fortune he intends to steal. Before long he starts to develop real feelings for his target, though, and the line between the job and their relationship begin to blur. But who is playing who?

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What we think

If you can handle the mess of a plot, questionable structure, and twists that make no sense, The Good Liar is a yarn that can be endured – even enjoyed – in spite of its ludicrousness.
★★★☆☆ | Read in full: The Good Liar movie review Tom Barnard We Love Cinema

What others think

This movie rattles along with terrific energy and dash and the flashback sequences show that it’s actually far more daring and ambitious that you might expect.
Peter Bradshaw The Guardian
The pleasure of The Good Liar, and it's a major one, is the chance to watch Mirren and McKellen act together in a cat-and-mouse duet that turns into an elegant waltz of affection and deception.
Owen Gleiberman Variety
McKellen and Mirren, sharing the screen for the first time, are exquisitely matched in this slight but enjoyable yarn, which is like watching two magnificent vintage cars in a road race, without minding too much who wins.
David Hughes Empire

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Bill Condon


Ian McKellen Helen Mirren Russell Tovey Jim Carter Mark Lewis Jones

Release date

08 Nov 2019
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